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Consumer + B2B Product UX

Maximize Usability,

Technology users demand products that are intuitive, efficient, and are a delight to use. Each year this demand grows stronger and products that go the extra mile to create products with a stellar user experience win in the marketplace. A User-Centered Design process that incorporates the voice of your users into the design is critical when developing products that meet and exceed users needs and expectations.

We have helped improve the UX of consumer products for some of the major players in the consumer vertical (Oculus, eBay, Netflilx & Google to name a few). We’re excited to partner with you to improve your product next!

OUR User-Centered Design Process
Users, needs, & tasks

» Contextual Research
» Journey Maps
» Personas
» Card Sorting
» Interviews
» Focus Groups
» Surveys
Ideate & product vision

» Innovation Workshops
» Internal Co-Design Sessions
» User Co-Design Sessions
» Innovation Games
» User Needs Definition
» Product Requirements
Interaction & Visual

» Sketches
» Wireframes
» Prototypes
» Information Architecture
» Branding
» Icons
» Labeling
Informal & Formal

» Remote or In-Person Usability Testing
» Rapid, Iterative User Testing
» Expert Reviews
» Tree Jack Studies
» Validation Testing
» Online Surveys
What our Clients Say
Netflix, Inc.
Sr. UX Manager

Shannon is an amazing usability and overall user experience consultant. She is extremely professional, detail oriented, and a great team player. Whether you are interested in qualitative or quantitative data, Shannon can gauge the project and your needs and make sure you obtain all the information you need along with a tactical way to move forward on making your product a success.

ebay, inc.
Director of User Experience

It was a wonderful experience working with Shannon. She took on a challenging project for us with an uncertain outcome. Her research expertise resulted in a final product that far exceeded my expectations. The creativity and customer focus Shannon brought to my project was impressive! I look forward to working with her again.

Thumb Up
UX Research Director

I feel like there are two layers of results which Sage provides us. The first layer provides the answers to our original problem at hand, and they are VERY actionable. The second layer goes up and beyond our expectations. Sage packages up research themes so nicely that we’re able to apply the research to further projects down the line and build up our general knowledge base.

The Florida Bar Association Logo
The Florida Bar

Your comprehensive site review and professional analysis, usability testing, navigation card sort, and design style guide set our redesign efforts on a clear course that helped us improve site usability. The detailed reports are full of examples, explanations and visual aides that continue to be a valuable reference as we continue our efforts to improve The Florida Bar website. We are happy to serve as a reference and to recommend Sage Research & Design as an excellent resource for improving usability.

Tendril logo
Tendril, Inc.
Founder, CEO, President & COO, CIO

I hired Shannon when I was with Access Graphics and again for Tendril Networks. We found Shannon’s input very helpful and appreciated that she found a way to work within our tight budget. You’ll see upon reviewing her credentials that it’d be pretty hard to find a more qualified and experienced user interface expert. I highly recommend Shannon.

Userzoom, Inc.
VP of UX Client Services

When a project comes up that requires UX consultancy work, Shannon is the first person I think of and will call. She is, without a doubt, an asset to any company and will help bring your design to the next level with her stellar research and design skills. I would highly recommend Shannon for any project that requires an excellent User Experience as a result.