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Nurse Call System

Medical Device Human Factors

Nurse stations are the hub of the hospital floor and Health Unit Secretaris (HUCs) have a complex job answering and triaging calls from patients and staff.  Ascom wanted their next-generation nurse call system to lead the marketplace in usability and effectiveness.   Sage was hired early in the design process to perform voice-of-the customer (VOC) research.  We interviewed RNs and HUCs who worked together with the goal of fully understanding their patient care workflow in order to design a call system that would seamlessly fit into their environment and address their pain points.  Session activities included mapping the patient-care communication flow and the physical hospital floor environment.  From this data and team inputs, Sage went on to design the UI for Ascom’s nurse console, conduct several rounds of formative research, and perform all needed HF risk-related and validation activities.  We’re proud to see how well the product is doing on the market now.

  • Voice of Customer (VOC) Testing
  • HF & UI Test Plan Preparation
  • Use Specification Preparation
  • Hazard-Related Risk Analysis (uFMEA)
  • Task & Functional Analysis
  • UI Design (Interactive & Visual)
  • Heuristic Evaluation
  • Online Survey
  • Formative Testing (3 rounds)
  • Card Sort Study
  • Validation Testing
  • Usability Engineering File (UEF) Preparation